Wedding Gown Preservation

In order to preserve the special detailing on your wedding gown, each dress is cleaned individually. After pre-spotting, cleaning, and air-drying, your dress is hand pressed for the best possible finish.

Upon completing the cleaning process, your dress is wrapped in acid-free tissue paper, draped on a form, and beautifully placed in a sealed box with a picture window for your viewing pleasure for years and years to come.

We can also include additional keepsakes from your special day for preservation, along with your wedding dress, such as a veil or train.

Value Village Cleaners guarantees that your wedding dress will be perfectly stored for any future use.

With our gentle cleaning solutions and processes, we can also restore yellowed and stained christening, communion and baptism gowns, as well as, needlepoint, tapestries, doilies, table runners, lace and crochets, fine linens and doll clothes.


Please consider Value Village Cleaners for these special services.

  Our Service 
  • Wedding Gown Preservation/Beadwork Guaranteed
  • Antique/Heirloom Gown Whitening
  • Stain Removal Specialist
    •    Anti-sugar stain Treatment
      Spills containing sugar, salt and acid often dry and cannot be seen. These latent stains do not dissolve during ordinary dry cleaning and turn an ugly yellow over time. Our unique "Anti-Sugar Stain Treatment" removes most stains containing sugar, salt or acid.

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