Suede, Sheepskin, Mink and Leather Cleaning

We provide suede, sheepskin, mink, and leather cleaning for a variety of garments including, but not limited to, jackets, suits, coats, skirts, bottoms, and tops.

With 30 years of experience, we are highly skilled in producing excellent results in suede, leather and sheepskin restoration. In addition, we provide rewaxing services.

Because leather cleaning is complex, the time needed to clean these items may vary.

  Please note  

Due to the delicate nature of the dyes normally used in animal skins, we will not treat stains with harsh chemicals for fear of discoloration and/or damage to the skin. Therefore, the removal of stains are not guaranteed. Additionally, the cleaning process may cause slight changes in texture and/or color. Natural skins are much different than man-made fabrics. Just like how your skin is different from other people's skin, so are animal skins. Therefore, it is impossible to predict exactly how an animal skin will react to our cleaning process. Rest assured, however, that we have specialized in cleaning leather, suede and fur for 30 years and are the absolute best in cleaning natural skins.

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